Friday, December 17, 2010

Shocking News!

I'm sure you all heard this sad about the Provo Tabernacle Fire going up in flames. It was a sad, somber, day here in Provo. We could see the huge plume of smoke for miles around... so of course my boys were enthralled and wanted to get a closer look at the action. We parked the car and sat watching the fire and police men and women doing their jobs. After about 10 minutes Quinton shouts, "Mommy look! There is a fire! See it?"
I guess he was so taken with the ladder trucks, fire hoses, caution tape, firemen, and police personnel that he completely missed the whole FIRE! Do you see the flames?The sad thing is that this fire started sometime in the middle of the night...and it was still raging at 12 noon the next day because the roof collapsed and everything underneath it kept the fire ablaze longer than it needed to be.
It is probably the oldest building in Provo and housed original artwork and architecture. It is a sad loss, but there were some pretty incredible stories that came from the ashes. Such as this 2nd Coming picture of the Savior. A small Christmas miracle.
Check out THIS footage.