Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moss Cousin Gift Exchange

When all but 2 Moss-side cousins were in town a week before Christmas it was the perfect opportunity to have a cousin gift exchange at Grandma's house. Corbin was so excited to pick out gifts this year for his cousins and his brothers and was actually interested in watching others open their gifts for the sake of giving... I know, a true sign that he's growing up. The cousin gift theme this year was "game/activity". Here is Corbin tearing into his Yahtzee game from Sammy...
....and 2 tickets to the ASU v. U of U game here in SLC in October. Now that those 2 teams will be in the PAC 12 together, it should be an interesting match-up. Not sure who was more excited for that gift-- Corbin or Jeff?
Deagan was all about the bows and paper this year, but as he got better at ripping into his gifts...
... we think he caught on that there was fun inside the paper too! So easy to please.
Dylan enjoyed his I-Tunes gift card. Fit for a 16-year old boy.
Carson enjoyed his electronic card game.
Quinton couldn't get enough of his Toy Story Memory game.
It was a great get together because as soon as the kids all opened their gifts they kept busy and quiet playing while the adults got to visit for a bit. Merry Christmas to all!