Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I love that Christmas Eve was on a Friday this year.... PERFECT!
We enjoyed a delicious turkey/ham dinner with all the fixings (and dessert) at Jeff's sister, Haley's home. Her husband was the masterful chef. Afterward Jeff's mom and step-dad gifted us with their presents. Ironically, Quinton has been SMITTEN with Frosty the Snowman (the classic cartoon) this year and Grandma TeeTee gave him a singing Frosty! He loved it...and even slept with it that night!
Along with Frosty, Quinton also got a recordable Frosty the Snowman book. The voice reading the story is his Great-Grandmother Bywater (Heal), aka 'GG'. That was a special treat for the whole family.
Corbin got a new soccer ball... since he lost the one he's used the last 2 seasons. The boys were happy. That's the one thing I love about children... they are so grateful and appreciative of simple gifts.
Jeff & I got a new set of Nutcracker mugs and a matching, darling 'Little Drummer Boy' cookie jar in the shape of a drum.
Jeff's mom also made these cute winter photo collages for all her children with pictures from our annual sleigh/snow party.
I took it right home and hung it up.
Once home the boys couldn't wait to open their Christmas Eve gifts from mom and dad...
They always get new pajamas--and they know that, but a gift is always a surprise and they were excited for new jammies!
Then it was time to prepare for Santa's arrival! We hung the stockings and wrote a note to Santa on his cookie plate.
Of course, we had to taste test Santa's snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies before leaving some for him....
Then it was off to bed!