Monday, November 29, 2010

Arizona Thanksgiving

After a month of counting down the days.... the time finally arrived... celebrate THANKSGIVING in Arizona!
Each day Corbin tore off a paper link from his chain and we turned it into a feather for our "Tom" the thankful Turkey...after each of us wrote down what we were thankful for each day in November. It was fun and made the month pass quickly and with much gratitude.
We left on Saturday morning, November 20th IN THE SNOW! The boys were so excited for the long road trip... (that didn't last longer than 2 hours... :)
Once we finally arrived (thanks dad), we were so glad to get out of the car, stretch our legs, and see our family!
The cousins came over to grandma's house A LOT to visit.
Most of them couldn't believe how big Deagan was.
Scotland and Deagan are only 6 weeks apart and they were getting reacquainted... with much love.
Corbin and Samantha had to size each other up....
Grandma and Grandpa taught a great Family Home Evening Lesson, meanwhile Mandy was in the hospital delivering baby Megan Sabella. She made her debut in the nick of time early Tuesday morning.
The cousins enjoyed getting spoiled with loads of snacks at Grandma's house....
...the boys kept entertained in the castle....
...they were brave knights of course... and brave knights sword fight!
The day before Thanksgiving we enjoyed a trip to Grandma's "big kid school" for lunch.
Deagan took it upon himself to feed Scotland.
On Thanksgiving day Mandy and Megan made it to the feast (straight from the hospital) and therefore all my siblings and their families made it to the big dinner. It was a large table of food!
Deagan even caught on quick to the traditional cran-raspberry toast after the long prayer.
Quinton got a piece of the turkey leg... and loved it of course.
Corbin dug in as well.
Deagan LOVED sitting in his own seat, feeding himself a wide variety of food... with a little help from Aunt Katie and cousin Alyssa.
These two kept toasting and "cheering" until their drink was gone!
After the feast the men did dishes. I captured it from behind just to document that it really happened... ;)
Most of the cousins snuck off to watch Home Alone on Jeff's computer while the adults watched football.
It was a wonderful week of our favorite things.... family, food, sunshine, football, and fun!