Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Monday night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins as a family. It's a much anticipated event that seems to climax really quickly after this point:
Mostly because using little sharp knives to cut big fat pumpkins is not real user-friendly for 4, 2, and 1 year old hands or for their attention spans.
But, Corbin was into this year and helped as long as possible....
....until the camera looked like more fun and he began taking pictures of the massacre from his perspective. In his defense, he DID pick one of the most intricate and complicated designs in our book so it did take me a while to finish his.
The pumpkin line-up on the front porch.
Corbin (& mom's) bat:
Dad's custom-designed 'Y'. Of course.
Quinton's happy little Jack-O-Lantern:
During the week of Halloween the boys enjoyed the ward's Fall Festival, costume parties at preschool, Spooky Storytime and the costume parade at the library, and Trick-Or-Treating at Jeff's office. They were busy and well-practiced for the big day.
Saturday the 30th (the day we trick-or-treated here in Utah) but it was snowing... so we made sugar cookies inside a nice warm house.
Corbin rolled out and cut about 80% of the 60 cookies we made. He's my handy little side-kick!
Once the cookies were cooled we trekked over to Grandma TeeTee's. On our way the sky was ominously black and we saw lightning and heard thunder for miles in all directions. About 5 minutes after making it in the house with our hoodlums and all the STUFF.... a torrential downpour began and postponed our Trick-Or-Treating for about an hour. Grandma had pizza and the cousins were there to entertain so it wasn't too bad making the kids wait. Here was this year's line-up: Corbin- aka Darth Vader, Quinton- aka Buzz Lightyear, and Deagan- aka a little monkey. Oh and Jeff and Holly as the proud parents.
It's really nearly impossible to get a decent picture with 3 kids on Halloween night. Isn't it?
By the time the rain stopped there was hail piled up like snow everywhere and it was FREEZING COLD! I walked to a few houses with the group of kids just to snap a few pictures. It's hard to see because the clouds made it so dark.... not like last year!
Deagan wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was about but he was snuggly warm...and that's all that mattered!
The boys had a blast collecting candy with Carson, McKenzie, Tanzynn, Ty, and Krew. They jumped in puddles and were thoroughly soaked and cold by the time they made it around the block and back to grandma's.
Buzz Lightyear was so cold but was too proud of his wings to take them off and bundle up! The costume we bought didn't come with wings and he really wanted to fly (to infinity and beyond, right?). But we waited too long to purchase them and they were sold out everywhere we looked. So, I got crafty and made them out of cardboard. Not too bad, right?
When the kids returned they had Hot Chocolate and decorated their sugar cookies.
I mean really, who doesn't need more sugar after Trick-Or-Treating?
Mmmmm.... Aunt Nichole told Q to lick the knife.... and he didn't have to think twice about that one! It was a fun night that only topped off a fun-filled Halloween week!