Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Year

Jeff and I are lucky to have such great friends nearby who are in the same stage of life as us, i.e.- married with young children! Ryan and Breanna were gracious to host a house full of kids and crazy adults on New Year's Eve and we're glad they did because it was a fun way to ring in 2010...for us and our kiddos! We enjoyed lots of appetizers, a yummy dinner, and tons of great snacks before venturing outside in the cold to light some fireworks!
A great perk about Utah is that fireworks are usually readily available most any time of the year.Aren't they pretty? Kids loved them... and the dad's enjoyed the piro-technics as well.
After warming up we got all 7 kids in their jammies and lined them up for a photo-op. Pretty cute kids. Can't believe there are that many already!
My boys are usually such hams... especially when they get to hold their little brother.
By 9pm, I think we had all the kids laying down to watch a movie in Hayden's room. Too bad they weren't all asleep by then.... that came an hour or 2 later.
Once the kids were out... the REAL fun began. You never know what will go down when the 6 of us get together.... party hats everyone?
There was plenty of food, drink, Wii games, board games, conversation... and laughter. Always laughter with this bunch!
By midnight it was certainly Out of Control! Since none of us are used to staying up this late, we got a little loopy.... and strange things started happening.Like this...
.... excessive happiness...
... and picture taking...
3 High School girlfriends.... 10 years later. I think the years have been good to us girls!
Did I mention that we laughed...
a lot? Right about midnight Lindsey's youngest tore open the door of the room he'd been sleeping in and started sleep-walking in to the living room...and ran right into the side of the couch. It was one of those late night events that becomes 10x funnier because of your lack of sleep.
If only our kids could have seen us... cause we're really not all that different from them when we play... and it's comical.
It's been years since we've actually stayed up to celebrate the New Year. Thanks to the Thomas' and Bodells for a fun night, and CHEERS to a 2010 that's as full as much fun as New Years Eve!


The Thomas' said...

Oh my goodness... I laughed all over again while looking at these pictures. We sure do love you guys! Let's get together soon :)

The Banda Bunch said...

I am so Jealous! That's all I have to say!