Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Morning '09

At about 5am Christmas morning Quinton walked into our room...not because it was Christmas, but because he's in a toddler bed now and can get out of his bed whenever he happens to wake up (he's still teething). At about 5:45am Jeff and I decided it was time... so we woke the other kids up...
Deagan's 1st Christmas morning.

It shouldn't be like this.... but we woke Corbin up too. Jeff whispered in his ear, "Santa's been here, Santa's been here!" That worked.
They had to wait for the tree to get plugged in and mom and dad to get the camera ready. Don't you hate that part?

This is such a fun age... Quinton asked for nothing but loved EVERYTHING!Corbin was happy to get his beloved Hungry Hungry Hippos game.
We loved the nice homemade gifts as well! :)
Little Deagan was more than happy to sit up all on his own in his new bumbo and watch us all coo and swoon over him. (He "opened" his gifts after everyone else was done.)
The new sled was quickly loaded with all the new toys and Corbin and Quinton imagined they were driving Santa's sleigh while they waited for breakfast....complete with the Reindeer roll call and all. So imaginative... so cute!
I enjoyed 2 of my favorite things.... waffles and ice cream for breakfast and snuggles with my little one.
After we cleaned up a little bit we headed north to Roy to see Grandpa Royd, aunt Nichole and her family....
....and silly uncle Jason. It was a full day of family, food, and laughter.
Such a long day, in fact that Jeff was seen looking like this by evening.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well!


Christie said...

I love these pictures...thanks for sharing. I loved the pic of Deagan laughing!!!

Brittany Preston said...

I love your Christmas pictures Holly! They are super cute :) It looks like your boys had a blast. We hope to see you soon!!!