Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pirate Island

This is a pretty cool place, especially if you like Pirates, food, and arcade games!
We enjoyed a night out with Cole, Haley and their 3 kids this week, celebrating Ty's good grades!
Corbin was enthralled, Q was unsure, and Deagan slept through it all.
Corbin really wants a sword for Christmas and so this pirate Captain was a hit for him...
... and then in walked his cousin Ty in all his Pirate gear. Corbin wants to be Ty too!
We enjoyed some good food, conversation, and fun. The kids loved playing on all the arcade games and Tanz made out with some nice pirate booty! Look at all those tickets! That was from only 1 token too!
Corbin's favorite was the skeet ball. He didn't do bad, but he didn't earn enough tickets to buy a real sword so he's hoping to be a good enough boy while Santa is watching.... so he can find one under the tree on Christmas!


Christensen's said...

We had so much fun too. Thanks for coming and celebrating Ty's good grades with us. Hopefully we can go again soon. :)

Parcell's said...

Fun Fun fun!