Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Deagan's 1st Halloween
He was all smiles about it...
We had a pretty relaxing day at home before going to Grandma TeeTee's house for Chili, cornbread, and Trick-or-Treating. Here's the BYU football player (aka-Corbin) and the Lion/Cosmo (aka-Quinton) getting some of their first candy of the night from Grandma.
Haley and Cole (aka- Bat woman and Robin) showed up to the party....
...with their little Frankenstein (aka- Krew).
Deagan slept through all the excitement in his cozy football costume.
The 3 cousins had their pictures taken a hundred times before venturing out in search of more CANDY!
Our 3 ring circus this year...
...looks a lot different than last year!
Corbin was very confident this year in his Trick-or-Treating abilities. He knew exactly what to do. Who knew a Halloween day in Utah could look so nice. (I was honestly expecting snow by this time already, so I was pleasantly surprised!)
Tricks and Treats!
Corbin made out with enough candy to last until Thanksgiving... although at the rate he's eating it, maybe not! (Or maybe mom and dad have something to do with it's disappearance as well.)
Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!


Christie said...

It was a great Halloween...thanks for spending the evening with us! All the kids looked great, even the big kids.

- Colleen said...

Oh, how fun!!! Way cute kids! And I'm jealous of all those colorful fall leaves!

Christensen's said...

Thanks for trick-or-treating with us. We had a blast and loved how it was such a relaxing night compared to most halloweens.