Friday, October 30, 2009

Meeting Family

The weekend after Deagan was born we were lucky to have my parents and my brother and his new wife in town from Arizona. Along with our local family, Deagan was able to meet lots of his new family members. We appreciate all the help and support we received from near and far. Corbin and Quinton surprised us with this welcome home sign when we got home from the hospital... they were so excited to meet their new brother and see their mom again!
Grandma & Grandpa Larson
Aunt Haley
Grandma TeeTee
Aunt Brittney & Uncle Jesse
Deagan's 1st bath at home... he hated it!
Even Deagan's arrival didn't throw off any BYU game-day tailgating plans. The cold, rainy weather didn't even deter these fans from tailgating. Here's the BlueMan and his side-kick (son) going strong even in the rain.
Corbin went to the tailgate with Jeff for a while and then came home to throw the football around with grandpa while watching the game on TV.
Uncle Jesse keeping his nephews entertained.
Quinton loving on Deagan. He's always up for giving out kisses.
Aunt Nichole feeds him his first pumped bottle.
Cousin McKenzie so happy to hold little DJ.
It was a busy weekend! We were so happy to have so many family visitors!


Christie said...

It's always exciting and busy right when you get home with a new baby... I'm sure Deagan was happy to meet his extended family members. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything! We love you!