Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let it begin...

Soccer! As a mother of boys I'm sure I'll have my fair share of soccer seasons.... and they began at the first of September. Corbin started Provo's StartSmart Soccer program, a league designed for 3-4 year olds that teaches them the basics of the game (i.e.- kicking, passing, dribbling, scoring, trapping, the rules). The sessions are designed to allow the parents to work with the kids during "practice" and throughout the week to develop their skills. Half the sessions are to teach skills and the other half are scrimmages. Anyway, it's been a good thing for Corbin as he's barely 3 years old. Here he is at his first practice. Team name: Seattle Sounders (ironically where his cousin Kimball lives!)
Scoring his first goal in practice.
One of his coaches is Zack DeFrancis (who plays for BYU and is from AZ), which Corbin thought was pretty neat.
Learning to stop, or trap, the ball.
Learning how to throw it in... with your hands!
Taking a water break... listening to coach.
On Saturday scrimmages, Quinton loves to sit and eat snacks and watch his brother (and dad) play soccer.... and occasionally he tries to venture off onto the field and steal the soccer balls and cones too.... but that's the little brother's job, right?
Corbin likes to be the self-appointed goalie. They never really taught the kids about the goalie position, but Corbin inherently tried to defend his goal during the first scrimmage and some of the other kids caught on. He's pretty good at it too.
Although, when he sees a chance Corbin's not afraid to go after the ball and dribble it down the field to score. Here he is right after kicking in the winning goal at his scrimmage yesterday.... made his day!
Only 1 more "game" left until the season is over and he gets his medal. Here's a short clip of Corbin dribbling and assisting a goal.

Who knew watching toddlers try to play soccer could be so entertaining?


Nichole said...

He looks so big out there playing soccer. Hope you and Jeff are ready for the soccer parents life. It has always been one of my favorites to watch..GO CORBIN!!!

Christie said...

He's definately a natural! Maybe he'll walk in his cousin's Dylan and Carson's footsteps.