Friday, August 21, 2009

Swimming @ Grandma's

A few days after Corbin's birthday we traveled to AZ for my brother's wedding (next post). While we were there we had lots of fun with family and Corbin was lucky enough to get more presents from his cousins, along with pizza and a swim. (look at that face...)
He's quite the pro at opening his own gifts now.
After pizza Corbin enjoyed his 3rd swim in less than 24 hours. He loved using his floaties, which helped him overcome his fear of jumping in and swimming to the stairs. Quinton, his little side- kick, ever trying the things Corbin does.

Corbin actually swam the entire length of the pool several times all by himself. He's come a long ways (no pun intended) this summer in terms of feeling confident in the water and swimming.
Quinton and daddy enjoyed floating around...
.... and teaching Q to jump into daddy.

Loved this photo.
Corbin tried all kinds of tricks with his new confidence of jumping in the water...
.... and I tried my best to capture it all in action. (Nice face in the background Jeff).
Summer nights in AZ just aren't complete without a dip in the pool... and a bath with cousins afterward. Landon and Corbin played Cowboys and Indians for quite a while in the tub and Corbin was upset I interrupted for a photo.... sorry bud!