Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Party

For Corbin's birthday we had our first guests over to the house for a family BBQ. Corbin requested a golf ball party and cake this year...
Can't believe he's 3...

We hung out in the shade of our trees in the backyard and enjoyed eating some yummy food and watching the kids play. Even 3 days after her appendectomy, Kenzie was still up for the toddler party, what a good cousin.
Grandpa Bywater and "GG" made it over for the fun and even brought a vase of roses from her garden and a peach for Corbin! He loved it!
Uncle Colton helped to keep all the little ones entertained and he and Dylan showed off their golf skills on the Wii.
The big excitement this year was Corbin's new bike... complete with brakes, training wheels, and a water bottle holder! The best part is... is that he can actually ride it! Such a big boy now.
Quinton, of course, had to try it out as well with help from Uncle Brandon.
Grandpa Royd and Brandon relaxing in the lounge chairs... watching the water fight Jeff is about to start.
After everyone left we played in the backyard for a while. It was nice to sit for a moment and soak up Corbin's excitement. (There's a belly shot for all those who've asked.)
Quinton had to try out the lounge chairs too. Parties are exhausting!
On his REAL birthday- DAY Corbin woke up to waffles with 3 candles, mom and dad singing... and a whole day to do whatever he wanted. Guess where we went for dinner? "Old McDonald's" for a hamburger and fries, root beer, an ice cream cone, and an hour of fun in the Play Place.
Unbelievable how you're baby can become a boy so quickly! Thanks to all our family (near and far) who helped us celebrate Corbin's big day!


Pheobe said...

Fun stuff! Great bike! River needs one like that! What size is it? (email me?)

Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

unbelievable... they grow SO fast... like my little girl, and your prego belly... you look adorable =)

Christie said...

Thanks for the invite! It was a great day with yummy food and good company. Maybe Corbin will follow in the paths of his golf family? Corbin,glad you had a fun Birthday!


sorry we missed it. looks like he had a great b-day. we look forward to seeing you and your new place one of these days.

The Thomas' said...

How fun! We need to get the boys together and let them ride their bikes. Looks like you guys had a fun party :)

Kate said...

That golf ball cake is so cute. And you are finally looking pregnant!
I think Amanda & I have the same due date! And Danielle is due just a little bit after me (maybe a couple of weeks). Wish you were here... but it looks like you're having FUN!