Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Vacation Part 1: Arizona

Two week ago today Jeff and I were on the 10-hour road to AZ! (Thanks to Dick who loaned us his car due to our last minute Tahoe tire crisis the night before.) We made it in good time to relax a little at my parent's house before meeting up with loads of family and friends at Jessie's wedding. Jessie is Jeff's cousin and my sister Mandy's sister-in-law (because Mandy and I married cousins). Jessie and I were in the same BYU student ward and lived across the street from each other during our Junior year at BYU. This girl lives life to the fullest and I was so happy Pete came along and swept her off her feet. They are an adorable couple and make each other so happy. The reception was at the Regency Gardens in Mesa and it was so fun to see everyone in such a short time.
Jessie, Q, and I (she made a gorgeous bride)
Corbin and Kimball (Mandy's son) are 2 peas in a pod. They love to play together... mostly RUN together. From the moment they met eyes on each other they pretty much ran the entire night and loved dancing to the great DJ on that BIG dance floor.... look at those faces, trouble indeed!
The happy new Christensen couple enjoying a moment.
After loading up on meatballs and chocolate fountain goodies Quinton got in on the action. He loved dancing and walking around just as much as Kimball and Corbin loved running around.
Pete and hid buddies/brothers wrote and performed a hilarious rap about "Pistol Pete" (p-i, crooked letter, t, to the o-l Pete spells pistol Pete....). They should go into business, I thought it was great!
After about 2 hours of running and flopping and intoxicating themselves with sugar in many forms.... this is how we found Corbin and Kimball-- crashed on the floor, unwilling to get up. Cousins are too much fun!

Friday morning we joined up with my sister Katie and her kids and the summer movie Madagascar 2. It was Corbin and Quinton's 1st time in the movie theatre and they did good for the first 30-40 minutes, but nap time ensued and the lack of sleep the night before caught up with crankiness so we had to leave early. I'm sure they'll do much better next time. Later Friday afternoon we enjoyed a refreshing dip in my parent's pool--- again the first time since April my kids had been in the water. (Utah was too cold the past 2 months). Corbin put his floaties on and got quite confident in the water jumping to Jeff and swimming to the step.
My mom, dad, brother, and Jeff got in a good game of water volleyball....
... while I lounged with Quinton in and out of the waterfall and the sun. He loved laying in his own little raft, listening to the waterfall, and of course holding a ball. If I had stayed in the pool any longer he would have been asleep. So cute.
Saturday morning we met up with Samantha and Jessica at Sam's swim meet. She did amazing in all 4 strokes. Corbin was sure impressed and Q just liked walking around the cool-deck eating snacks. It was quite warm so we left after Sam's last swim. Later that day we enjoyed more swimming, a nap, a BBQ, sewing on a wedding quilt for my brother, visting, and a lengthy game of hearts.

Sunday we got to attend our old ward and it was so much fun to see all our old friends! We only stayed for sacrament so we didn't get to visit too long, but I did get to hold my friend Anna's new baby girl Avery.... such a doll. Found out Corbin is SSSsssoooo ready for a new baby. He held her for about 10 minutes and talked to her and stroked her hair and then asked, "Mommy, can we take her home with us?" I reminded him that we'd be having our own little brother soon enough and he'd have plenty of time to hold him. Anyway, it was so good to see you all... there are some we missed who have since moved as well (i.e.- the Webbs and Horvaths). We'll have to catch up another time!


Kate said...

We were so happy to see you! Now that little Q is walking, he just seems so much more grown up. I'm so glad you're finally in your own house.

Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

thanks again for holding Avery while I sat up on the stand... you had quite the trip and thats just the first part =)