Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Club Retreat

Once a month a few friends in the neighborhood agree to read the same book and gather for an enlightening discussion. A fun and intellectual gathering for sure. In the past we've read some great books, had good conversations, and even enjoyed entire plates of homemade cakes! It is always sure to be a great time, no matter the book or topic at hand. This last months' meeting was no different as we added a third element: ADVENTURE! That's right we all left our kids with our husbands and drove into the mountains for a sleep over at my family's cabin to discuss this month's book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It's a great book that really gets you thinking about life and death and living and dreaming.... we even got to watch The Last Lecture on DVD to complete our experience.
(L to R: Sophie, Danielle, Becky, Front: Teresa, Jessica)

We certainly enjoyed our night free of children, husbands, and other distractions... and full of laughter, conversation, enlightenment, and yummy food.
I am sure we were a little deliriously slap-happy at times... a few of us, anyway. That's what happens when you stay up past 3am eating sugar.
Jessica's a poser.

Like my lame attempt at a fire? I lost count of how many matches I used... that was awful firewood and Reader's Digests don't work so well as kindling. But, it kept us fairly warm and it was still smoldering in the morning...

Becky... so glad she joined us, even if she is the new bishop's wife! :)

Dr. Pepper late at night... mmmm!

Okay.... you can barely see her, but Kate was there. Something strange happened to her back either on the ride up or in an attempt to push the car up the hill and over a small ravine. Jessica dished out her I.O.U. with a nice back rub. Poor Kate.

This is why every woman needs other good women in her life to provide relief, support, comfort, understanding, explanation, laughter, sympathy, and fun. Thanks for a fun weekend girls!


Christie said...

Looks like you had a great time...I'm sure all were deserving. I've always wanted to read "The Last Lecture" Someday, maybe.

Kate said...

First of all, I just emailed you my pictures. I only took a few. But there is one cute one of you. And how sad that the only pictures of me are so bad. But I really was there!
Thanks so much for the fun time. I thought your fire was great.
Secondly, the author is Randy Pausch. Just a slight typo. ;)

Parcell's said...

How fun! Sometimes being with our girls and binging is all we need! Way to go! If you put yourself first then the family will be much happier. That is everyonce in a while ofcourse. Motherhood is our priority! :)

The Ellsworths said...

How fun! It makes me really miss everyone though. :(
What's that about the Andersons and new Bishop?! Not that I'm surprised... they are amazing!