Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Utah Winter Vacation: Part IV- New Years

Hobble Creek Canyon is a small piece of paradise... we say that in the spring, summer, fall, and of course WINTER. Jeff's aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ed have a beautiful log home up the Canyon (that they live in year round), just off hole 16 of the Hobble Creek Golf Course. It's always a blast to spend time there relaxing and playing. New Year's Eve was no different this year. This is the unpaved road to the house.... welcoming us to a true winter wonderland.
This was Corbin's first memory of sliding down the hill:

He loved it. (Like the "traffic sign" behind them?) It should say watch out for the Moss' too.After tubing and sledding in the freezing snow for a few hours Corbin came inside and was introduced to Uncle Ed's golf ball collection from his long walks on the course.... Corbin was essentially in heaven taking inventory of all those golf balls.
As the sun went down and the "real" evening began, Jeff chilled out with his mom...The kids ripped into the games and went to town...The older kids broke out Jeff's Wii and got in some good bowling, tennis, and boxing matches...Then, as it got later and with some coaxing from Jeff, we got tough guy Cole on the Wii fit for some Yoga. He had a couple followers trying to show him how easy it was... ... Jeff and Ed, yoga stars? No!Haley, the photographer of the evening. Corbin took this shot, hence the huge smile... she's not always that excited for the camera.
Aunt Stephanie and her son (Jeff's cousin, Nick) watching the Wii extravaganza.
The later in the evening it got, the older the crowd got on the Wii. Ed and Steph had to try their hand at bowling after coaching everybody else through.
They weren't too bad, impressive for amateur Wii bowlers... on New Year's Eve!Even with all the fun and games that night, with so many young kids it was hard to wait until midnight for the ball to drop, so we called it a night around 11:15ish to head back down the Canyon. The only one who set a New Year's Resolution that night was Dick and he was up and ready the next morning to get to work....
Dick is the one in black. Have you ever seen someone look so good in spandex? Those 3 rode 25 miles on New Year's morning in 30* temps and snow. What an inspiration to us all, Dick. Keep up the good work.... and Happy New Year!


Joe and Heidi said...

Looks like you guys had a great vacation. What a fun family. And your boys are so dang cute.