Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

*[DISCLAIMER: the following posts may be long and lengthy for some readers, however; the purpose of our blog is to record family events (a journal of sorts) and keep our friends and family who live out of state updated on the moments of our lives. It's for us and them, so please bear with us.]
Keeping with our family custom, Jeff and I rotate every other year spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with his and then my family who live in 2 different states. This was the Utah Christmas year so we embarked on Christmas Eve day around noon for a LONG drive complete with 20 mile detours through Vegas, rain, and snowstorms. We rolled into Spanish Fork about 11:30 (after we ran out of gas around the corner from grandma's house) and were warmly greeted by Grandma Tee-Tee, Grandpa Dick, and Uncle Colton. We promptly opened our Christmas Eve jammies and hit the sack.
Christmas day began around 7:30, but Corbin had to wait for daddy to get the video camera ready and for Grandma to get out of bed before he could make his way out of the basement.
He opened the door to the loot and tore in to all of it in no time!And the stocking had stuff in it too?! Wow, Santa is a good guy!
Just what he asked for... a scooter, and NOT a pink one.
Quinton was content with his noisy and flashy toys but would have loved the wrapping paper just the same. He did "ask for" that ball popper behind him though (via Corbin who claims that Quinton saw it on a trip to Walmart and "he reached for it... so Santa will bring him one.")
After we enjoyed watching everyone give and get all their gifts opened we had a yummy breakfast (thanks grandpa) and bundled up in all our winter gear for a fully day of visiting family. (Yes, that is my mother-in-law. Isn't she cute?)
It was certainly a WHITE CHRISTMAS and of course we got on the road before the snow plows did. There were people sliding off the road everywhere... a nerve wracking drive. Our first stop was Steve & Malinda's (Jeff's aunt and uncle) in South Jordan.
We had a great visit with them, Grandma Pearce, and Cody (Jeff's brother).
Then we trekked back to Utah County for a visit with Grandmother...
... and Grandpa Bywater who was still in a rehabilitation center recovering from a double knee replacement. Corbin was highly entertained there by wheelchairs, buttons, and taking pictures of everyone.
Our last stop of the day was at Haley & Cole's (Jeff's sister) for some dinner and homemade pumpkin pie. Corbin and Krew (who are only 5 weeks apart) played for a little bit right before we left and I caught them hugging and kissing each other goodbye! Such cute cousins.
It was a wonderful Christmas Day filled with all the things we love: family, food, fun, gifts, and adventure! Corbin kept asking us when he go outside in the snow.... stay tuned.


Heather Telford said...

Of course you can put some on you blog.. :) We are having a boy by the way!! We are so excited!!

Christina said...

Your boys are so cute. I love there Christmas PJ's. You should think about taking them to Disneyland, my boys loved it and it exceeded my expectations.

Strong Family said...

Looks like you guys had quite the eventful Christmas!