Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread, Cousins, and Basketball...

Saturday morning began with breakfast and a cookie party at Aunt Shelley and Papa Jim's. This is what happens when you let 2 little cousins run wild after a scones and crepes breakfast:

(They turn in to sugar-induced monkeys jumping on the bed... and they couldn't stop! They seriously jumped and screamed and ran wild for about a 1.5 hours! So fun! So glad Dusty decided to put that mattress on the floor for safety. We are so glad we got to spend some time with Dusty, Mandy, and Kimball before we left.)
After breakfast and all the cousin fun Aunt Shelley had more goodies in store: Gingerbread cookies to decorate, yum! (That's Corbin's candy face?)
Such concentration... it's an art, you know.
After naps and the ASU v. BYU basketball game we met up with my parents, Mandy, Dusty, Kimball, Jim, Shelley, Adam, and Sarah at MiMi's Cafe for a yummy meal before the Suns Game. Corbin has become quite the budding photographer and here are the faces he gets when he's behind the camera:
Silly Grandpa..
Silly Grandma and Aunt Shelley (and Papa Jim)...
Since Kimball has become such a huge basketball fan and Seattle doesn't have a winning team Mandy and Dusty invited us all to attend the Suns Game with them Saturday night.
Quinton loved the hat that was way too big.
Corbin and Kimball loved sitting on my dad's lap while my mom fed them Carmel popcorn and licorice. There's my dad's silly faces again... he's a very enthusiastic Suns fan and Corbin wasn't too sure about all the screaming and yelling!
During the 3rd quarter Corbin finally had taken in enough of the sights and sounds to sit on my lap and watch the game. He loved watching the dribbling, passing, and shooting and got the hang of scoring points.
Poor Jeff, who is not a Suns fan, willingly coaxed Quinton to sleep during the second half. I'm not sure he enjoyed the game too much, but the rest of us sure did. Thanks Mandy and Dusty for the fun-filled day! :)


Dusty said...

That was a lot of fun. I'm glad you were able to make it out to the game. It's good to see you guys when we are in town... Just one question - who won the ASU / BYU game that day? :)