Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Firestation Party

For Corbin's family birthday party Jeff scheduled a free fire station tour at the Mesa Fire Department. Unfortunately Corbin started running a fever that morning and wasn't feeling to "cool" (no pun intended) during his party, but he still enjoyed seeing the station, the firemen, and the fire truck. It was pretty neat to see how the station and the schedule is run. We got a tour of the entire station, including their bedrooms, the kitchen, the alarms, the tones, the bay, the lounge, the work-out area and of course the truck. The kids all got to get inside the truck, hear the sirens, see the lights, and even take turns spraying the fire hose! It was a blast! (another pun) After the tour they gave all the kids a coloring book, pencil, ruler, rub-on tattoo, and a fire hat. It was a pretty hot day so we went back to grandma's to swim, eat pizza, open presents, and have cake...all at Corbin's request. His expression is a little bland in most of these pictures because he wasn't feeling good and was surviving on Motrin and Tylenol. Good thing we got so many pictures so he can enjoy the day all over again.
[ps- To see the captions, run your mouse over each pictures on the slideshow.]


The Thomas' said...

Isn't funny how most all boys gravitate to the same things? I swear, Hayden is thrilled for the rest of the day if he sees a firetruck. His new obsession is garbage trucks... he told me the other day he wanted to be a garbage man. :)

Christina said...

Too fun!! I didn't know you can do that. Carter would love that, I should look into it. Thanks for the Idea.

Davis said...

Hi Moss family! Just wanted to say happy (really late) birthday to Corbin! The party looked like so much fun! I had no idea you could have a party at the fire station. I think that I heard that you digital scrapbook Holly and I have a really cute fire fighter kit if you want to see it. My email is if you do.

Well glad to see you are all doing well :)