Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week 1- Quinton meets the family

Well, we've made it through week 1 with 2 kids! We have so many people to thank... friends and family, for all the babysitting, meals, gifts, cards, love, and support. THANK YOU! Quinton is such a good baby, he has really spoiled us and slept almost 6 hours every night since day 3. I didn't think it would last and I'm not going to hold my breath, but I have no complaints as long as he likes to sleep! He's a good eater too and we've even witnessed a dozen or so smiles and grins and we think even a laugh (over gas of course). He has a natural fohawk going on all the time, which makes him look like daddy with spiky hair. His little hands are always finding their way out of his blanket and to his face and 2 or 3 times a day his fingers will intertwine with his hands next to his face like he is praying. We think he looks a little like Corbin did, but he definitely has his own look and we think he'll be tall- or at least taller than Corbin- because of his big feet and long arms. Holding a newborn again is so much fun and I love to watch Jeff and Corbin interact with him. There is nothing like it! We are so grateful for Quinton and all the joy he has already brought into our lives in just 7 days! :)


The Elders said...

I didn't see you guys at church so I figured you had your baby! He is so sweet. I am so excited for Jack to meet him, they can be little buddies. Anyway he is precious and you look great. I hope all is well!

The Thomas' said...

Looks like you guys are settling into your routine as a new family of 4! Hopefully we can sneak by in the next week or so... and please let us know if you need a break. I know Hayden would love to play with Corbin.

Mandy said...

It was so fun to see all the pictures! Kimball was the same way with his hands. I had to wrap him up under his arm pits so he could move his arms around. You all look so great! It sounds like you are beginning to hit your stride. I can't wait to hold that little bundle of joy!