Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kauai Vacation: Day I, Part I

Well, here it is... the first posting of our Kauai Vacation. Since there are so many pictures, I am adding 1 day at a time in slide format for your viewing enjoyment... and I'm being selective, there are plenty more. These are just some of our favorites that capture the essence of our trip.
It was, well... paradise. This is the first vacation Jeff and I have really had alone since our honeymoon and though it was hard to leave Corbin, it was so fun to spend a week with some friends on an island. Thanks to Cameron and Alicia States for allowing us to stay with them and for their hospitality and "tour guide" abilities. It's not often that you get such local treatment when you visit Hawaii. They filled us in on all the neatest things to do and best places to eat. Yes... even being nearly 6 months pregnant, I lived it up with my baby bump!
We arrived in the afternoon on Monday 2/11 and enjoyed a cruise along the coast in our Mustang Convertible Jeff upgraded to... along with the handy Garmin GPS (so reccommend that if you rent a car). Then we enjoyed dinner at Bubba's Burgers... the Kauai Burger was amazing. On Tuesday 2/12 we cruised down to the South and West sides for a scenic drive of beautiful Waimea Canyon... and the rest will follow...


Anonymous said...

I've been dying to see pictures - looks like you guys had an awesome time! Can't wait to see more. Welcome home.

Natalie Sue said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had so much fun in paradise. There are some of us a bit jealous.. lol. I bet it was wonderful to see Corbin again! I love seeing all of the pictures! What an awesome vacation!