Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Rainy Day!

I absolutely love the weather here in Mesa this morning. It's been overcast, cool, and rainy and if we lived at a little higher altitude it would be snowing.... and I would be sitting on the couch next to my Christmas tree sipping Stephen's hot coco and watching it snow. But, instead I am blogging with my son on my lap and watching it rain outside my window. I realized today that I don't blog that often because when I do it is usually a really large trip or big event and it takes me a while to get it posted. So, today I decided to use the family blog as more of a family journal and write my thoughts and ambitions and updates. Well, this week we had the exterior of our house painted and it looks AWESOME. If you live nearby you'll have to come drive by and check it out because I won't have a good picture of it until the rain subsides. Also, I got a haircut and color yesterday and chopped a good 2-3 inches. No good photo yet, but keep checking back and you'll be sure to see both images soon.... after I finish enjoying the winter rainstorm. =)


Karla said...

Congratulations on the expectant new addition! I'm voting it's a girl. If it is, I wonder if she'll really look like Natalie! :)

The Thomas' said...

Wasn't the rain awesome!! I'm sure Jeff wishes it was the white stuff, but we have to learn to take what we can get. The rain actually destroyed our lights in front of our house. The water pooled up on the lights and then the automatic timer turned on.....I guess it could have been worse! :)

Natalie Sue said...

Hi Holly! You have such a cute blog... I copied your idea of the baby countdown, that is so cute. Glad to hear that everything is going so well. I'm glad you are not nauseous anymore! I'm so jealous. Good luck with everything.

Amy A. said...

Cute Blog Jeff and a real cute family!! we have a blog too amyandersen.blogspot

take care!

Neil and Amy Andersen