Friday, November 30, 2007

Slam Dunk!

Well, Corbin's wish list this year for Christmas includes a basketball hoop, much like this one he plays with at his cousin's house. Basketballs are his absolute favorite and he can even say "bakitball huup"!
Every time we drive up to grandma and grandpa's house he's quick to point out their "hoop" in the driveway and then he knows exactly where we are. It's adorable.
For the past 6 months he's had to play with the silly suction cup basketball hoop on the sliding glass doors at home and it's just not the same... so when he sat on Santa's lap this year he asked for a bakitball hoop and a choo-choo.
He has been a pretty good boy this year, so hopefully Santa shows up with the hoop and choo-choo on Christmas morning! We'd have one happy little boy at our house... and two busy parents! =)