Saturday, November 3, 2007

daddy's boy

Corbin was definately trying to follow in his dad's footsteps this morning...LITERALLY.
Jeff went outside to do some yardwork and Corbin hates to be left out so he stood at the front door and knocked and decided to try dad's shoes on, but they were so big and heavy that Corbin couldn't even pick up his feet so he just stood there saying, "da-da!"
After Jeff turned off all the machinery, we let Corbin out to see what Jeff was doing and I guess Corbin decided it looked easy enough so he tried it out. Unfortunately he wasn't sure which part was the front or back so he ended up just sitting on the blower riding it like a horse.
Finally Jeff showed him how it was done and turned it on for him... he was a little shocked at the noise and power behind that thing. Jeff promised Corbin that as soon as he is tall enough, Corbin would be mowing and trimming the lawn, pruning the trees, and pulling the weeds.


Heal Family News said...

He is so cute and has gotten so big. Last time we saw him he was just a baby. Looks like all is going well with you guys. We miss ya.

TheBurgi's said...

Wow what a little cutie! Looks like Halloween was fun! We sure miss you guys and hope to see you Thanksgiving week! Love you guys!

Kay & the rest said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten!! We only moved 6 months ago and he has changed so much. I didn't realize you were a blogger, until I looked on the Ellsworth's page, but I am definately going to keep up with you guys! It's good to see you guys are doing so well.