Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photo Booth

So... Jeff and I finally decided our 5 year old Compaq laptop was just not going to cut it anymore when it was starting to shut off suddenly all on its own and "act up" inconsistently. With both of us going to school and papers and powerpoints due almost weekly we were really up for an upgrade in the family computer arena so Jeff did a little research and landed himself at the Apple Store where he walked out with the new I-Mac. So... we now enjoy a MUCH bigger screen and a much smaller keyboard and so many more features such as Photo Booth. We now take breaks from the mundane homework routine to have family photo sessions such those pictures here..... Corbin finally noticed one day how funny he looked on the screen when he stuck out his tongue... and we think we can finally see where Corbin gets his good looks from: it's a good mix of both of us!