Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Birthday!

Well, we never thought we would see the day when we'd be parents of a 1 year old, but it's come....CORBIN IS 1! On Sunday, August 5th we celebrated the first year of his life at a family party at Grandma Larson's House. The entire day was filled with firsts though.... as soon as he woke up Jeff and I sang "Happy Birthday" to him and asked him how old he was as we buckled him up for breakfast. He held up his little finger, "1!" He enjoyed eating a whole banana for breakfast (na-na's are his favorite) and then he got to lick the beaters from his birthday cake that I was making. On his way to church later in the day he finally got to witness riding in a car facing forward! As a 1 year old 20 pounder, we were able to turn his car seat around and he loved it! He was pointing out the window at the cars and the ducks and the trees. We're not sure that he'll ever sleep again in the car....

At Corbin's birthday party he enjoyed opening lots of presents from his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He got just what he wanted... lots of BALLS! He got bouncy balls, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and even a tent full of balls. He also got books, clothes, a truck, a big bin of legos, and his very own Lightning McQueen car. He had a blast afterward tyring to decide which toys to play with first! Of course the big first birthday cake was quite a hit. I made him an assortment of ball cakes.... basketball, baseball, and soccer ball. After we sang to Corbin and he "tried" to blow out the candle he quickly grabbed the closest "ball" to him and then dropped it to lick his fingers. When he tasted the yummy cream cheese frosting he realized that was good stuff and he wanted more. He quickly devoured the small cupcake basketball and soon was covered in orange frosting! He could hardly get a mouthful chewed up before bending over to get another bite....the birthday cake was a hit!


Dusty, Mandy & Kimball said...

For me, the cutest part of the cake was when he signed "please." Smearing frosting all over his little chest!


Angie said...

Hey guys! I'm totally "blog-dropping." I saw your names on a friend of a friends page. Your little guy is adorable! You'll have to check out our page and keep in touch!