Friday, August 31, 2007

1 year old photos


The Bodells said...

I can't believe how well he poses for you! What a cutie! I love the mohawk! (Is that how you spell it?) How is your family doing? I know you had a crazy couple months, have things mellowed or does it keep getting more exciting? I finally got the right Banda blog address and it was fun to see your birthday party for Bre and their many photos of Lucas! It looks like they are doing great as well! When you get minute check out our blog, I finally made a little update! ;)


Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

he's adorable... those are some good shots, I rarely get Porter's smile on camera... it takes about 20 shots before we come close and he stops whatever cute thing he is doing as soon as he sees any sort of recording device. Time flies so fast I'm sure we'll be celebrating one year before we know it!

AStates said...

What a cutie pie! He really is a mix of both of you! And over a year old now! Oh Man!